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#DCS2016: How not all digital content is the same – and why you need to know

There is a yin and yang branded and , according to Justin Kirby, founder the Best Branded (BOBCM).

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Speaking at the Summit 2016, he said: “The days the specialist are numbered. The usefulness terms like ‘ ’ and ‘branded ’ has a limited shelf life unless they are distinguished from other approaches.”

He explained branded and entertainment is a very different concept than and native . These terms should not be used interchangeably.

For example, it is very hard to compare what a newspaper does when it publishes branded to The Lego Movie, which is considered to be an entertainment .

He said: “You may have to think about what kind you might use for different people in different parts their journey.”

According to Kirby, companies that provide more entertaining , not just editorial, might have found the answer to the problem the increasing number users with ad blockers installed.


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