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Pressures increasing for cyber professionals, says research

11th February 2016  | Latest News Technology

Trustwave has released its 2016 Security Pressures Report, showing 63 per cent of information security professionals felt more pressure to secure their organizations in 2015 compared to the previous 12 months and 65 per cent expect to feel additional pressure this year. Those numbers grew 9 per cent and 8 per cent, respectively, compared to last…

Google pays 'fair tax amount in the UK', executives tell Public Accounts Committee

11th February 2016  | Latest News Technology

Google has insisted that it pays a "fair" amount of tax in the UK, as one high-paid executive came under fire from MPs after admitting he did not know how much he earned. Senior executives from the internet giant were grilled by the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee over a £130 million settlement with HM…

Google to hide 'right to be forgotten' content from more search engine versions

11th February 2016  | Latest News Technology

Google will hide content removed using the "right to be forgotten" ruling from more versions of its search engine, the technology giant has said. Currently, the ruling only applies to versions of Google in the EU, where citizens can submit requests for information about them to be removed from search results. However, users could use an…

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