Firms 'have work to do' to prepare for new EU security laws

27th January 2015  | Latest News Technology

Organisations in France, Germany and the UK still have work to do in order to meet the standards necessary for the EU data and security regulations which come into force in the next two to three years. In a survey by IDG Connect and FireEye, which assessed firms' readiness to meet the new EU Networking and Information Security…

Opinion: Why cyber security cannot be ignored

27th January 2015  | Technology

Cyber security is at the forefront of today’s business concerns. The amount of data being generated, managed and stored means more potential ways businesses can be compromised by viruses, bugs and hackers. Big data equals big problems. To understand why cyber security is important, we must firstly understand what cyber security is. It isn’t restricted to…

Facebook outage due to technical glitch, not an attack by hackers

27th January 2015  | Latest News Technology

The outage Facebook and Instagram suffered on their websites on Tuesday morning is said to be due to a technical glitch rather than a third party attack. Users of these sites were unable to logon for roughly 50 minutes Tuesday morning. There was speculation hacking group Lizard Squad was responsible for it after it attempted to claim responsibility for the outage…

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