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‘Vigilante’ malware infecting tens of thousands of Internet of Things devices

2nd October 2015  | Latest News Technology

A piece of malicious code infecting Internet of Things (IoT) devices appears to be protecting the devices from other malware. An independent researcher has discovered a sophisticated piece of malware code linking his router to a zombie peer-to-peer device network, which is being used to distribute threat updates. Furthermore, the malware, named Linux.Wifatch, does not seem to…

‘Ghost Push’ malware infecting 600,000 Android users per day

2nd October 2015  | Latest News Technology

New variations of Android malware have been found that prompt devices to download unwanted apps and adverts, continuing to affect users of the operating system. The malware, named Ghost Push, continues to circulate on Android operating systems and is reportedly affecting 600,000 users on a daily basis. Ghost Push has been active since April this year, but activity…

#R32015: Criminals run their networks like businesses, says Interpol

2nd October 2015  | Latest News Technology

Criminals are running their organised crime networks like businesses and using the darknet as an underground environment to avoid detection. Speaking at the R3 conference in London, Christian Karam, lead cyber threat researcher at Interpol's Global Complex for Innovation, said: “Criminals build companies like you build a company. “They will have a compliance officer, a risk officer…

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