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Google to host online security training workshops in the UK

31st July 2015  | Latest News Technology

Google is launching a series of workshops in its Summer of Safety 2015 scheme across the UK to inform people about online security. Attendees will be advised on how to create secure passwords, how to identify how and why data is shared and general online safety information. According to a 2015 Experian data breach survey, 64 per cent…

Facebook prompts users to improve account security

31st July 2015  | Latest News Technology

Facebook is looking to bolster its users' account security with a new Security Checkup tool that makes it easier for them to find the right settings. The new feature, which will appear automatically "sometime over the next few weeks", guides users through the social network's security controls. Firstly, it allows them to log out on devices and…

Google Glass relaunches with new business focus

31st July 2015  | Latest News Technology

Google has withdrawn its wearable technology device from the retail market and is redirecting the Google Glass Enterprise Edition towards commercial use. The technology giant is concentrating its efforts on readying Google Glass for the workplace, where it needs to meet and withstand demand rather than simply featuring as the latest entertainment gadget on a tech-geek’s shelf. The device…

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