Keil Hubert: Engineering a Better IT Manager

26th January 2015  | Technology

People aren't born knowing how to be effective IT managers. Business Technology's resident US blogger Keil Hubert reaches back to the early 1980s for an 'IT management simulator' game that does a darned good job of teaching people how to pragmatically approach the job. How do you train new people to become effective IT managers? It’s…

Malaysia Airlines DNS compromised by 'Lizard Squad' hackers

26th January 2015  | Latest News Technology

Malaysia Airlines has confirmed that its Domain Name System (DNS) was compromised, redirecting users to a hacker's website when they visited its URL. According to the page users were redirected to, the attackers claimed to be part of Lizard Squad - a hacking group responsible for previous attacks. The top of the page read: "404 - Plane Not…

Sony delays earnings report due to cyber attack

26th January 2015  | Latest News Technology

Sony has filed an application to extend the deadline for submission of its third quarter earnings report as a result of a cyber attack against Sony Pictures Entertainment in November 2014. Last year, Sony Pictures was the centre of a cyber attack which saw the release of confidential employee data as well as information about executive…

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