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Russian cyber crime industry has ‘recruited up to a thousand people’ over the last three years

24th November 2015  | Latest News Technology

Russian-language cyber crime is thriving, with worldwide activity thought to be exceeding a total of £500 million according to a new report. The Russian cyber crime industry is “crowded”, according to a new report from security firm Kaspersky Lab, which has been carefully monitoring the trade since 2012. The report, which defines the ‘Russian-language market’ as “cyber…

‘Most Used Words’ Facebook app can sell user data to third parties

24th November 2015  | Latest News Technology

Social media users have been warned to be wary about using the ‘Most Used Words’ Facebook app, which has more than 17 million users worldwide. Doubts have been cast over the amount of data taken by the popular app, which tells people which words they have used most on Facebook, as well as what it does with user…

Dell computers found with pre-installed ‘unintended security vulnerability’

24th November 2015  | Latest News Technology

Out-of-the-box computers from technology giant Dell have been found with a pre-installed root certificate leaving users vulnerable to attack. Dell admitted to pre-installing root certificates in out-of-the-box computer models, which would compromise user privacy and security leaving them vulnerable to malware and adware. The company promised to remove the “unintended security vulnerability” caused by the root certificates,…

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