Software solutions that take SMEs to the next level

Managing items and stock on multiple platforms often overburden SMEs. A good software solution automates routine processes.

Managing a successful online business can sometimes feel like a huge task. Business owners know that it is important to list their products on multiple platforms yet they lack the time and resources to manage stock and orders on each individual sales channel.

They find themselves losing track of their stock and losing their customers’ trust. But with the right tool, even the largest task is turned into child’s play. Our motto is to work smart, not hard. plentymarkets allows retailers to automate recurring tasks and manage day-to-day processes in one central location.

Businesses can avoid overselling their products by synchronising their stock and warehouse data. They can communicate with their warehouses and logistics partners and keep an eye on all of their orders.

…work smart, not hard! Let plentymarkets send automatic notifications...

Why waste time doing everyday jobs manually? plentymarkets helps businesses turn their routine tasks into automatic processes. Our software allows businesses to automatically generate invoices, packaging labels and other documents. This not only saves time, but helps reduce the risk of human error.

Let plentymarkets send automatic notifications on your behalf whenever payments are received, packages are sent or other crucial events occur to enable customer communication. With the automation plentymarkets will manage your entire workflow and develop agile cross border growth.

Ready for plentymarkets to turn your business problems into solutions? Switching is easy. Existing data can be imported into plentymarkets and the new system can be up and running in short time. plentymarkets keeps your data safe from unauthorised access and gives you peace of mind with its failover and backup systems.


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