Why email marketing is still the leader of the pack

Email is still the most personal communication with customers.

dotmailer is an intuitive email marketing automation platform, used by some of the biggest names in retail such as Reiss, Paperchase and Elemis. Headquartered in the UK but with offices in six global locations, we operate on a truly international scale. As a Magento Gold partner and with 15 years’ experience in the ecommerce universe we fully appreciate the challenges and obstacles that every retailer faces and, more importantly, we understand the competitive environment they are compelled to operate in.

When a consumer decides to buy a product or service they are overwhelmed with a plethora of choices, so the issue for every retailer is not just how to get consumers to buy what you are selling. But how do you keep them coming back for more, in short, how do you drive loyalty and brand advocacy?

This is why email marketing is such an essential part of any retailer’s marketing toolkit as it enables you to have an enduring, personalised conversation with your customers through every stage of the customer lifecycle.

Is email still relevant?

With the proliferation of so many marketing channels, namely social media, many question the validity of email marketing. Is it still relevant? Absolutely! It should not be a case of either/or. Savvy marketers who use email creatively in conjunction with other channels are the ones reaping the greatest rewards.

Email marketing enables you to have an enduring, personalised conversation.

However it is important to note that the days of batch and blast emails are long gone. One of our key clients is a national cinema chain. Back in the day they used to simply send weekly, generic emails to everyone on their database highlighting forthcoming films, now their emails are specific to individual viewing habits or preferences. “New age” email marketing has to be personalised and targeted if it is to guarantee success and retailers now need to spend time analysing behaviour and data and preparing communications that will have the highest impact on their bottom line.

Personalisation made easy

This may all sound labour intensive and onerous but in fact it’s the complete opposite. With multichannel marketing now stronger than ever, marketing departments are often under resourced and time poor. A good email platform should do all the work for you, as it should integrate with all your other systems such as CRM which will enable data to be seamlessly transferred and mined, thus creating a single customer view.

With data all in one place, retailers will be ideally positioned to create automated email campaigns based on pre-defined triggers. Put simply, customers will automatically receive emails targeted to their browsing patterns, purchasing history and transactional activity. As it is a fully automated process the need for manual tasks is completely eliminated freeing up much-needed time for strategy and planning.

To conclude I think it’s important to say that no other marketing channel enables messaging to be personalised to the same extent as email. This advantage combined with its speed, ease of use and ability to influence throughout the customer journey is why email continues to be a unique, enduring platform that delivers unbeatable ROI. And this is also why it will continue to be the glue that holds all other marketing channels together for a long time to come.

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