The Inbox / 5 most hated professions in the UK

5 most hated professions in the UK

What's the most hated profession in the UK? Take your best guess and read on to find out thanks to's What's in a Title? survey, which asked 2,000 respondents about their perceptions of different jobs. Here's what they said...

5. Lawyer [7.85 per cent]

4. Police officer [8.50 per cent]

3. Sales person [11.70 per cent]

2. Call centre operator [11.90 per cent]

1. Traffic warden [47.85 per cent]

And if you’re wondering about the most-respected professions, according to the participants in the What’s in a Title? survey they are:

5. Teacher [6.30 per cent]

4. Veterinarian [8.45 per cent]

3. Armed Forces [17.70 per cent]

2. Doctor [31.35 per cent]

1. Surgeon [33.25 per cent]

  • Harry’s Bar

    Interesting use of the term ‘profession’: call centre operator, traffic warden, sales person and police officer. What qualifications do you need to get those jobs?

    • John Murphy

      I’m a 23 year old sales person who earned £120,000 last year. Who looks the dick for getting in thousands of pounds worth of debt now?

      • Paul b

        And you wonder why you are hated?

        • al_yeah

          With £120k a year rolling in he probably doesn’t care.

          • Tom Heathfield

            If he is actually earning that…

    • Paul b

      What an arrogant twat you are, looking down your nose

      • John Peddubriwny

        Not looking to row with you, but what Harry has written, is exactly how the professions view it. If you don’t need a degree to get the job, then it is not a profession according to them.

        • A T Hedley

          Quite right it is a job.

        • Paul Chambers

          Actually, it’s less about having a degree, and more to do with the existing members of the professional clique having control over who is allowed to enter the profession. You can get a law degree and still not be a lawyer or a barrister – you need to go through a training contract or pupillage (similar to an apprenticeship of sorts) first.

          • John Peddubriwny

            Yes. I was aware. There are also “articles” in Accountancy, Law, Architecture etc, but writing exhaustive lists is not my thing. I think it’s fair to say that 90% of the people in “the professions” have degrees because it is the most direct access, and the post Harry’s Bar was not arrogance, but common currency amongst the professions.

  • Paul b

    Politician, Bailiff, Estate Agents, all depends who you have a run in with and bankers let’s not forget them

    • John Peddubriwny

      You missed out Tabloid Journalist.

      I have reservations about whether to include Bailiffs. If you’ve been swindled and the only way to get your money back is through a court appointed Bailiff, would you criticise them. The truth is that Bailiffs are really only the bullets in the gun, it is the person that loads the gun that may be at fault.

  • al_yeah

    The people who voted the armed forces probably don’t have a base near their home town.

    • Oracle notices

      and thankfully you don’t have a Nazi party, Taliban or IS base near yours.

  • martin

    what’s john selling, tickets to the moon….£120.000 last year lol. I think maybe he meant 120.000 rupies.

    • A T Hedley

      Or even rupees

  • Old Man Law

    What does it say about our society that people who kill for a living are respected more than the people tasked with educating our children? Fools!

    • Oracle notices

      I wasn’t aware that the Army medics from York treating ebola in West Africa were ‘killing’ people ?? Fool!

    • A T Hedley

      I have minimal respect for many of the teaching “profession” and having been married to one I met a lot and the majority are left wing bigots who believe only what they say is right. The God complex caused by talking down to children whilst never having done anything in life other than go to school is mind blowing.
      The armed forces may not be educated to the same degree but they put their lives on the line to protect us and deserve respect and far better treatment than our government offers

      • John Peddubriwny

        I confess to being an old-fashioned un-reconstructed Socialist, but my experience in dealing with Labour Councillors, many of which are often Teachers, who have never done anything in life except go to school, leaves me in the deepest of despair.

        Fair point.It should be a “noble profession” but somehow or other, they fail to realise this.

  • Steeplejack

    Solopress have a distorted idea of what a profession is. I take it they mean just any job as in professional window cleaners, professional plumbers etc. Then I note that bureaucrats are conspicuous by their absence. I would also imagine politicians should be included. Teachers from Dottyshire should be separated from the rag bag and register in the minus spectrum. So, in all a shabby bit of laughable ‘ research’ based on a tiny sample of unknown stratification and administered by nincompoops! SNAFU!

  • Tony LFC

    what a load of shit!

  • Redmarkoz

    Real estate agents

  • scotty bamyazi

    police should be the most hated , bunch of useless lying filthy pigs . the scum of the earth