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Thousands of Uber drivers hit by 2014 database cyber attack

Around 50,000 Uber drivers may have had their personal data compromised in a cyber attack that took place in May 2014, the app-based taxi service has revealed.


An investigation beginning in September of the same year found that “a one-time unauthorised access” to a database affected thousands of current and former drivers.

Uber said the files accessed contained only their names and licence numbers, and that it had not received any reports of misuse of the information as a result of the incident.

It said in a statement: “We are notifying impacted drivers and recommend these individuals monitor their credit reports for fraudulent transactions or accounts.”

To assist those affected, Uber is providing a free one-year membership of Experian’s ProtectMyID Alert service and is taking legal action to help identify the hacker.

The firm said that upon discovery of the breach it “immediately” changed its database access procedures to protect against future unauthorised access.

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