Marketing / #DCS2015: How to identify your audience’s ‘passion points’

#DCS2015: How to identify your audience’s ‘passion points’

Firms need to do their research and identify their audiences’ “passion points” before diving into the world of digital content, according to an industry expert.


Speaking to Business Reporter ahead of The Digital Content Summit 2015, Migreat’s director of content operations and strategy, Cristoffer Harlos, explained that to engage users firms require tools that identify what their audiences’ wants and needs – or “passion points” – are.

“At Migreat we have developed a wizard tool that removes the uncertainty about what our target audience finds engaging and interesting,” he said. “The Migreat wizard asks our users a series of questions and thereafter presents them with content tailored to their immigration needs.”

Once marketers have identified these passion points they can create content around them, and identify new passion points for people to engage with based on user feedback. Migreat’s wizard tool is constantly updated in order to enable a “virtuous passion point loop”, Harlos said.

“Over and above the personalised research we receive from the wizard tool, we closely monitor what has gone viral for a general audience on other content platforms,” he explained. “Where possible we then tailor it to our individual migrant community groups in order to gain greater relevance and user engagement.”

Although all communities are unique, there are often similarities between them. Harlos stressed the importance of identifying opportunities for firms to recycle and adapt content already published on their proprietary platforms in order to deliver more value to their users.

“We publish content in ten languages, on more than 30 different diaspora communities, in five countries, every day,” he said. “We often find that we can replicate the success of certain types of content across several communities, when adapted to a specific community’s needs.”

It is one thing to bring users to a website, but quite another to engage and keep them coming back. Harlos explained that this can be achieved by creating a dynamic feedback loop to constantly refine what users find to be engaging.

“Insight is gained about your users and additionally you benefit from their knowledge,” he said. “Such strong user engagement tools create active communities around passion points, leading to more page views.”

See Cristoffer Harlos speak alongside other industry experts at The Digital Content Summit 2015, next week at The British Museum in London.