Management / Companies failing to make use of valuable social media data

Companies failing to make use of valuable social media data

Only six per cent of companies have integrated their social media data into their customer database, revealing that despite developments in data analysis some businesses are missing out on the benefits.

Businesses are not utilising data as efficiently as they could, a survey has found.

Despite 80 per cent of businesses engaging with social media marketing – and 33 per cent claiming to be very engaged, heavy users of social media – some companies are struggling with knowing how to monitor their data efficiently.

40 per cent of companies hold their data directly on each individual social network.

The lack of direct data integration into customer databases could potentially encumber organisations. The report found that “reporting and automation in this area isn’t utilised” since 24 per cent of respondents track social media engagements manually.

A quarter of those surveyed do not analyse their social media marketing activity at all.

The findings come from a recent Apteco publication, Trend Report 2014/2015: Data driven marketing. Apteco surveyed 250 Faststats software users within marketing and technology departments across a variety of sectors.

40 per cent of those surveyed came from marketing services providers, data owners and bureaus.

It is surprising, then, to see that around a quarter of those surveyed simply didn’t know how their companies measured their social media marketing activity.

Businesses seem to be reluctant to embrace digital marketing, as despite the high number of companies using social media marketing, the report found that only 0.82 per cent of those surveyed valued it as their dominant marketing channel.

Email remains the primary choice for 63 per cent of respondents’ marketing strategies, with direct mail coming in as the second highest choice by 29 per cent.

The long term prospects for companies’ digital marketing engagement looks uncertain. The reliance on email and direct delivery as primary marketing strategies points to a reluctance to embrace digital marketing. However, almost half of those asked noted that these channels are decreasing in popularity.

Though cloud-based marketing systems are currently used by a third of companies, with a further 30 per cent planning to use cloud in the future, 20 per cent said they would not use cloud at all.