Technology / 5 memes that tell the truth about information security

5 memes that tell the truth about information security

Information security is a serious issue for companies and consumers alike, but that doesn't mean CISOs don't deserve a laugh once in a while.

1. No, of course no one would ever guess “password”

Password and username combinations are notoriously insecure. Fortunately, Captain Piccard shares every CISO’s frustration.

2. Oh, you installed anti-virus software?

With developments in technology, hackers are getting more creative. It comes as no surprise that nine out of ten IT specialists lack faith in traditional security software

3. Hackers are like ninjas

Hackers are developing new ways to infiltrate security systems. They could even have been stealing biometric data, showing that where new tech treads, a hacker is sure to follow.

4. I don’t always get hacked…


2015 has seen a multitude of high profile hacks. Ashley Madison, the ‘married dating, discreet encounters and extramarital affairs’ site suffered a data breach compromising over 37 million users’ information.

5. One does not simply secure the perimeter

When faced with attacks externally and internally, it is clear that perimeter security, when used in isolation, is no longer the way for organisations to protect their networks.

There we have it – frustration over the lack of efficient information security expressed through memes. For more on how to prevent hackers from infiltrating your business, see our Information Security section.