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5 amazing stats from Black Friday 2015 in the UK

Shoppers spent more than £3.3 billion over Black Friday weekend in the UK as they rushed to take advantage of retailers' best bargains ahead of Christmas.

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There were some astounding statistics from Black Friday 2014 in the UK, and Black Friday weekend lived up to the anticipation with some of its own.

1. More than £3 billion was spent over Black Friday weekend
UK consumers spent £3.3 billion between Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year. £1.1 billion of that figure was spent on the big day itself, compared to £810 million in 2014.

2. Black Friday was the UK’s biggest day for online retail ever
Customers’ hunger for deals led to the biggest day of online shopping ever in the UK. Online retailer Amazon reported that it sold more than 7.4 million items.

3. Cyber Monday sales were up by more than a third from last year
Shoppers spent a better-than-expected £968 million on Cyber Monday – an increase of 34 per cent from last year’s total of £720 million.

4. Cyber Monday boosted online traffic by 60 per cent…
Analysts say online traffic was 60 per cent higher on Cyber Monday than on a normal day in 2015, and traffic between midnight and 8am was up nine per cent on 2014.

5. …and at least 15 retailers’ websites couldn’t cope
According to The Guardian, at least 15 retail websites experienced “some form of loss of service” on Black Friday. They included big names like Tesco, Argos and John Lewis.


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