Technology / Stolen Uber login details worth more than credit card numbers on deep web

Stolen Uber login details worth more than credit card numbers on deep web

Login details for Uber, PayPal and Netflix accounts are now more valuable to cyber criminals than credit card numbers, according to a new report.

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Research by Trend Micro showed that usernames and passwords for high-profile digital services now fetch a higher price on the deep web than traditional payment details.

According to CNBC, while personally identifiable information could make hackers $1 to $3.30, stolen Uber information sells for an average of $3.78 per account.

A PayPal account with a $500 balance can make $6.43, a Facebook login can make $3.02 and Netflix usernames and passwords make 76 cents.

But a set of US credit card details is likely to be listed for less than 22 cents.

It is speculated that cyber criminals use the account details to gain more information on a potential target for a larger-scale identity theft operation.

Alternatively, cyber criminals can use other peoples’ Uber accounts to make journeys charged to their unknowing victims’ credit and debit cards.

Technology companies encourage their users to make use of security features like two-factor authentication and to be wary about where they enter their details.

But even experts can sometimes be careless, as was shown last week when it was revealed that dozens of cyber security leaders had given up their Twitter details to a conference website.

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