Marketing / #DCS2016: How Lucky Iron Fish uses social media to raise awareness of its product

#DCS2016: How Lucky Iron Fish uses social media to raise awareness of its product

Lucky Iron Fish is a cast iron ingot that people that have iron deficiency can use in their cooking to help with their dietary supplementation of iron.

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Last year, it received around 2.9 billion impressions across its social media channels.

Iron deficiency affects nearly 3.5 billion people worldwide and Lucky Iron Fish has been using social media to educate the masses.

Speaking at the Digital Content Summit 2016, Gavin Armstrong, president and CEO of Lucky Iron Fish, said: “We started being strategic. We do fun things like fish pun Friday.

“A lot of features are around fish itself. We tweet a lot about recipes.”

For example, Lucky Iron Fish has famous chefs give recipes that people who have an iron deficiency can make with the cast iron ingot.

The Lucky Iron Fish can provide an entire family with up to 90 per cent of their daily iron intake for up to 5 years.

A study showed in Cambodia after just 9 months of using the Lucky Iron Fish every day, there was a 50 per cent decrease in the incidence of clinical iron deficiency anaemia.

Armstrong explains their social media strategy is about understanding your demographics and knowing what social media works best in different regions.

For example, in North America, Facebook is better, while in Asia people watch YouTube more.


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