Marketing / #DCS2016: How a good content strategy can build a brand

#DCS2016: How a good content strategy can build a brand

Content creation gives a brand a voice. It can help it attract customers and develop relationships.

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In a panel discussion at The Digital Content Summit 2016 in London, Mat Braddy, brand founder at Just Eat, said: “Content plays a part in remembering you. Just Eat might only be used once a month.

“We have an opportunity to build a fan base. We try to be an entertainment channel. We believe in the challenger brand ethos.”

For example, Just Eat ran for government in a by-election and also launched a campaign to ban home cooking. According to Braddy it is important to respond what is going on around you.

Julia Monro, group head of social media and PR at Pret A Manager, said: “Our marketing philosophy is about attraction rather than promotion. Specifically in social primary focus is about building relationships rather than promoting products.”

According to Monro it is about letting the brand be the voice.

Other companies have a far more conservative approach.

David Stratton, head of marketing at BT Sport, said: “Content is dangerous. Everyone sees content as the holy grail, getting views and shares, but there is also a proliferation of bad content.”

According to Stratton it is important to build a brand rather than detracting from it. He explains bigger organisations tend to have more governance procedures than smaller ones and therefore tend to react more slowly about things.


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