Technology / Gamers’ email addresses and passwords stolen in DayZ forum breach

Gamers’ email addresses and passwords stolen in DayZ forum breach

Hackers have once again gotten hold of gamers' personal details - this time as a result of a cyber attack on a forum for zombie survival game DayZ.


The company behind the title, Bohemia Interactive, advised users to change their passwords after they were leaked from the site along with usernames and email addresses.

However, it assured players that their passwords were not stored in plain text.

“We would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused, and share with you one of the major changes planned in order to mitigate similar risks in the future,” it said in an email informing forum members of the breach.

“We will be replacing the IPBoards login system with Bohemia Account within the next two weeks. As Bohemia Account is a separate custom-built service currently used by Bohemia Interactive Forums and Store, it offers much better security and its use should prevent similar incidents going forward.”

According to Eurogamer, the incident also brought down free HTML5 browser game Mini DayZ, which the developer promised it would work on getting fixed “ASAP”.

The first reports of a breach actually came in late January on the DayZ Twitter account.

This is far from the first time cyber criminals have targeted gamers and gaming systems.

Earlier this year, hacking group Phantom Squad claimed responsibility for an 11-hour disruption to Sony’s PlayStation Network, reportedly caused by a distributed denial of service attack. It also said it was behind an attack on Xbox Live in December.

December also saw another potential gaming website attack, in which Nexus Mods urged users to change their passwords, although it was unclear over whether there had been a breach.

As with any incident where your personal data could have been stolen, it is probably best to change your password across the web if you have reused the same one, just in case it has fallen into the hands of cyber criminals.

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