Technology / #TEISS16: Firms must stay secure as threat to the cloud grows

#TEISS16: Firms must stay secure as threat to the cloud grows

Most firms are now aware of the benefits the cloud has to offer, but how can leaders ensure they partner with effective - and secure - providers?


Tony Richards of IACS and the Cloud Security Alliance said: “Cloud is like any outsourced provider – there are good, there are bad.

“I would argue that…  without the reputation, [good providers] really don’t have much business. If they have breaches and the data’s going everywhere, they’re going to lose that reputation.”

And to make sure that security is there, he explained that businesses need to ensure their leaders are all speaking the same language when it comes to the cloud.

“I think you have to start with a good set of definitions,” Richards said.

“I think you get multiple speeds of cloud knowledge and at the moment there’s still a lot of fear, uncertainty and doubt about what the cloud is.”

But firms need to get to work quickly with a growing number of criminals targeting the cloud.

Paul Edmunds, CTO at the National Cyber Crime Unit, said attacks on the cloud increased by 50 per cent in 2015 due to a greater number of threat actors and an increasing ease of attack.

“But the biggest growth in attack has been on people and trying to get identities,” he said.

“Probably what that means is that applications themselves have become more robust and harder to break into. You can probably also infer from that that people have become more fruitful targets… The greatest vulnerability is around the individual.”

Another expert emphasised that the right solution is different for different businesses.

Paul Davies, director of solutions engineering for cloud and IT services at Verizon EMEA, said: “The right question is: is my cloud the right place for my data?”

Encouragingly, he said he believed most CEOs would by now have a good grasp of what the cloud is and what it can bring their businesses.

“I think they understand that there are benefits that their businesses should be looking to derive from cloud services,” he said.

With the help of their security teams, leaders will hope their cloud operations will thrive even in the face of the growing cyber threat.

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