Technology / A quarter of employees have shared sensitive data outside their companies

A quarter of employees have shared sensitive data outside their companies

More than a quarter of employees have uploaded sensitive information to cloud applications to share it outside of their companies, according to a report.

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In a survey by SailPoint, 26 per cent of workers admitted that they had sent data to the services with the intent of accessing it from beyond their firms’ walls.

These employees are putting company information at risk despite 85 per cent of those questioned saying they would react negatively if their personal data was breached by a company.

The survey also revealed other poor cyber security practices among workers.

65 per cent of respondents, for example, admitted they use a single password between applications, and a third said they share their passwords with their co-workers.

One in five even said they would sell their passwords to outsiders, with 44 per cent of those saying they would do so for less than $1,000 (£703).

The report also showed firms are struggling to keep up, as a third of employees say they have purchases software-as-a-service applications with IT’s knowledge.

Meanwhile, 40 per cent said they still had access to accounts after leaving their last job.

Employees’ actions – both malicious and careless – are an ongoing problem for cyber security teams trying to keep organisations’ data safe and secure.

Just yesterday, research showed that just a quarter of IT professionals are confident in other employees’ awareness of issues surrounding cyber security.

And a recent EY survey showed that breaches and malicious employees tampering with data are the most up-and-coming fraud risks for 83 per cent of executives in 2016.

Meanwhile, it has been estimated that three quarters of companies may face significant data loss due to insider threats, which account for 42 per cent of all confidential data breaches.

For more on the survey, see the SailPoint website.