Nozomi Networks protects critical infrastructure from cyber attacks

Andrea Carcano, Co-founder & CEO

Our Critical Infrastructure is labelled as such because we depend on it for everyday services. It includes our electric grid, power generation, transportation, Oil & Gas infrastructure, and so much more. At the heart of this strategic infrastructure are industrial control system (ICS) networks that orchestrate all processes and machinery necessary to run it. In the past decade, these networks have converged with traditional IT to leverage common hardware and protocols, and the better economics that come with them. Convergence increased vulnerability of these networks, creating the need for increased cyber security to move beyond the traditional IT boundary to include ICS networks. In addition, new government regulations are being put in place and enforced across the globe to strengthen cyber security in critical infrastructure sectors.

To stay ahead of these challenges, the security experts at Nozomi Networks developed the SCADAguardian solution specifically to protect critical assets in industrial control networks from hackers and cyber attacks.

SCADAguardian connects to an ICS network non-intrusively or passively to ensure that the system and its desired performance is not affected. It then learns the behaviour of all devices in the network, creating a tailored security profile to continuously monitor for suspicious network behaviour and anomalous traffic.

When a suspicious event occurs, SCADAguardian alerts users in real time so that the appropriate remedial actions can be taken in a timely fashion. The solution supports and understands a comprehensive suite of industrial protocols allowing it to not only detect a network issue, but to provide analytics on the specific industrial device that could be compromised on the network.

SCADAguardian is a proven solution has been deployed in some of the largest industrial installations around the world serving various key industries. To learn how you can improve your cybersecurity, contact or visit



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