Digital intelligence boosts customer engagement, says report

Digital intelligence is one of the keys in exceeding customer expectations and gaining customer confidence online, according to research by channel data management firm Zyme.

The report entitled “The Consumer Technology Digital Intelligence Report”, found 73 per cent of consumer technology and hardware companies believed having digital intelligence will positively impact their ability to achieve their customer focused goals in the next 12 months.

Around 81 per cent said their goals were increasing sales, while improving sales insight and performance was close behind at 66 per cent. Improving the customer buying experience was also deemed to be important by 60 per cent.

About two thirds (67 per cent) said they were already under pressure from the business and its stakeholders to provide details on end-customer behaviour in order to improve online sales, and align marketing priorities accordingly.

Less than half believe that current systems and processes provide all the necessary information on customer usage to understand buying behaviours.

Trusting the accuracy of the data received was also another significant issue for 49 per cent of respondents, whilst in other areas timeliness of collecting data was a concern, as was managing data coming from disparate sources or in varying formats.

Nick Andrews, general manager EMEA & India at Zyme, said: “Embracing digital intelligence will be critical to those businesses that want to maintain a high and reputable profile online. In the early stages success for a business is often about growing awareness but in the longer term it is much more about identifying sustainable growth opportunities.

“Without a detailed, trustworthy, view on the performance of distribution retail channels it is almost impossible to plan effective support of retail partners.”

Interestingly, the research also stated that 60 per cent of those interviewed felt that as a business they could do more to recognise and reward customer centricity in their online partners whilst 56 per cent felt more could be done to maximise relationships with channel partners, retailers and e-tailers.


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