Technology / #DSCloud16: How would Brexit affect data protection regulations?

#DSCloud16: How would Brexit affect data protection regulations?

A panel of experts was quizzed about how the potential Brexit might affect security at Data Security in the Cloud 2016 in London.

For example, if Britain leaves the European Union, how would it affect the incoming General Data Protection Regulation and would British law replace it?

"The UK has a very long history of data protection laws," said Information Commissioner's Office group manager for business and industry Garreth Cameron.

"So whatever happens, I think we will have strong data protection laws... How they work exactly is down to government, but we will need to have those in place.

"I don't know what will happen - I don't want to preempt the result of the referendum - but this is certainly the tone and the direction in which data protection is going."

The panelists added that even if Brexit happens, the UK will have to implement the new GDPR before it leaves - a regulation that will have great implications in terms of how organisations handle data security in the cloud.

Osborne Clarke partner Mark Taylor said the new regulations will change the way firms and cloud providers will work together.

“As we are seeing much more detail in the GDPR around that relationship, I do see GDPR adding an additional set of hurdles in the adoption of the cloud, which are not insurmountable but will certainly change the landscape in terms of what is happening.”

But there are other considerations when it comes to the cloud, too.

Vivienne Artz, managing director and general counsel at Citi, said: “I think data protection is certainly one of the significant issues in relation to the cloud, but it is also not the only one.”

She said factors like data localisation and banking secrecy obligations also play major roles in the way her organisation approaches the technology.

Artz added that firms need to move away from a “tick-box approach” to privacy where consumers simply check a box without reading the small print because they want to make a purchase or use a service.

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