Technology / British workers trust EU nations more than UK to store data in the cloud

British workers trust EU nations more than UK to store data in the cloud

British workers are more likely to trust European Union countries than the UK to host their data, according to a report published by a security firm ahead of this Thursday's Brexit referendum.

According to research by Blue Coat and YouGov, 40 per cent of British employees would trust EU states, while just 22 per cent would trust countries outside of the EU - and only 38 per cent would trust the United Kingdom itself to store their data in the cloud.

Aside from their own country, British workers would most trust Germany and Sweden, which were both trusted by 18 per cent of those polled.

When responses from the UK, Germany and France were all included, 46 per cent said they would trust an EU country with their work data, while 18 per cent said they would trust a non-EU country and 36 per cent said they would trust no particular country to keep it safe.

53 per cent of those surveyed said they use cloud applications at work, although this reached 63 per cent for millennial respondents. Younger workers were also more trusting in EU countries, with 55 per cent of those aged between 18 and 24 trusting these nations compared to 36 per cent of those aged 55 and over.

Only nine per cent of all respondents across the three EU countries questioned would trust their work data to be hosted or stored in the USA, the survey revealed. This figure increased to 13 per cent when only British workers’ responses were considered. Among the least trusted countries were China, South Africa, Russia and Brazil.

“The EU regulatory landscape is set to radically change with the introduction of the GDPR legislation and this research highlights the level of distrust in countries outside the EU,” said Robert Arandjelovic, director of product marketing EMEA at Blue Coat.

“Respondents prefer to keep their data within the EU, supporting new European data protection legislation. More concerning is the fact that almost half of respondents would trust any country to store their data, indicating too many employees simply don’t pay enough attention to where their work data is held. This presents a risk to enterprises, even if their employees treat where it is being hosted with little interest.”

For more on the survey, see the Blue Coat website.



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