Management / New app will enhance Boots customer experience

New app will enhance Boots customer experience

Boots has launched a new app to improve the customer experience in its shops.

The retailer’s new Sales Assist app, which will be used on 3,700 iPads in Boots stores nationally, allows employees to access inventory online, meaning they can make recommendations and check the availability of products for customers at its 2,500 stores.

Sales Assist uses analytics to allow customers to quickly get information about specific items and also reserve and order them if they are out of stock.

Robin Phillips, director of omnichannel and development at Boots UK, said: “At Boots UK we’re investing in innovative new technology to further improve the retail experience for our customers, and mobility is at the forefront of this transformation.”

The app was created in collaboration with technology giants IBM and Apple and is made exclusively for iPad and iPhone as part of the iOS portfolio.

Boots is the first retailer to launch the feature across all of its UK stores.

Both companies have expressed their interest in modernising the customer experience through innovation and new technology.

“Together, IBM and Apple are working with companies and real industry professionals to change how companies do business, and our collaboration with Boots UK is delivering a more contemporary approach to customer service,” said Mahmoud Naghshineh, general manager, Apple partnership at IBM.

The design of the app was undertaken by Boots alongside a team of selected employees. This meant they could tailor the design to their requirements, making the app as effective as possible.

Vickie Ward, a boots customer assistant who was invited to take part in the development process, said: “We worked hard to design the Sales Assist app around the needs of Boots colleagues, and using it gives us the confidence to provide our customers with the most up-to-date advice on products and offers on the spot.

“It helps us to give customers an even better and more personal experience, so that no one goes home disappointed.”

To find out more about Sales Assist, see the IBM website.

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