Technology / Two thirds of IT leaders expect serious data breaches in the next year

Two thirds of IT leaders expect serious data breaches in the next year

Nearly two thirds of IT leaders think their businesses will suffer serious data breaches in the next year.

65 per cent of those questioned by Okta said their firms are at risk in the next 12 months if they do not upgrade their legacy security solutions in time.

The survey also showed mixed attitudes towards cyber security in terms of whether it helps or hinders processes within respondents' organisations.

52 per cent said solutions compromise productivity, while 48 per cent said they allow them to adopt best-of-breed solutions to enable productivity and agility.

“In order to be more productive, organisations worldwide are investing in cloud and mobile technologies, enabling their staff to work from virtually anywhere,” said David Baker, chief security officer at Okta, commenting on the findings.

“But this isn’t enough to ensure true agility. As organisations become increasingly connected, the traditional idea of the enterprise network boundary is vanishing and businesses need to prioritise strong security.

“To successfully navigate the new perimeter and avoid compromising on security and productivity, IT leaders need to adopt tools that span traditional company and network boundaries and enable agility across the organisation.”

The survey also found that 85 per cent of IT leaders suffer from a lack of insight into who has access to applications within their organisations. Meanwhile, 80 per cent were concerned about weak passwords or access controls as security issues.

But firms are missing out on the complete benefits of technologies like the cloud, the findings showed, as 92 per cent of those questioned believed their organisations could do more to integrate and support cloud applications into their infrastructure and systems.

The report reflects attitudes shown in previous cyber security surveys.

Cyber breaches cost UK businesses £34.1 billion in 2015, and in another study 65 per cent of business leaders said they expect to suffer a breach in future.

For more on the survey, see the Okta website.



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