EU GDPR compliance – burden or opportunity?

The EU's new data protection rules might seem complex, but businesses that approach compliance proactively could find new opportunities in the process.

Guy Bunker, Senior Vice President - Products & Marketing, Clearswift Ltd

Organisations globally that do business with the EU, no matter what size or vertical, are required to comply with the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) when it comes into force in May 2018.

For many, the task at hand may be looked at as costly and disruptive, but those that view it as an opportunity will be in the best position to not only comply, but evolve their organisations, enhance their security posture and achieve business growth.

The requirement to comply with the new regulation has prompted organisations to execute GDPR compliance projects to review the way they operate internally and how they collaborate with customers and business partners. Most importantly, it achieves a granular understanding of how each organisation processes, stores and shares sensitive data.

Ensuring the right people are in place to drive and maintain compliance is critical. Employees from board level down will need to embrace information security changes and become more vigilant when handling, processing and securing data.

Reviewing policies and streamlining and automating internal processes will bring additional operational efficiencies and lower costs. Analysis and changes must be thorough – cutting corners will extend the project and increase the risk of non-compliance.

Exploring the latest technology to assist compliance through automating information protection and detecting and preventing threats will be high on the project plan.

Adaptive data loss prevention (A-DLP) is essential to protect data as it flows across key business collaboration channels including email, web and cloud applications. Select technology to enforce your policies and to back up your people, providing more than just compliance and reducing business risk every day – both inside and outside the organisation.

Burden or opportunity? Definitely opportunity. The resulting outcomes of executing a GDPR compliance project will build trust with customers and stakeholders, and create a positive impact on your organisation and your team.

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