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Customer experience at the heart of digital transformation

There is more to Digital Transformation than bolting new technologies onto current systems and, companies that respond to the changing face of customer interaction and technology, are the companies that will succeed in the future.

Ross Telfer, Sales & Marketing Executive, Merchants – A Dimension Data Company

At its most basic, Digital Transformation is about ensuring that the needs of the customer are met during every interaction across any touch point. When a new technology is bolted onto a legacy system, the result is a fragmentation in service and experience. However, when a business is built around the customer, they provide a seamless, accurate and highly responsive experience no matter how the interaction take place.

From 2017, the use of voice as a touchpoint will decline, and companies will have to manage the impact of this. They will have to invest in their people, i.e. those in the contact centres, to equip them for interaction across digital touch points that include social media, webchat and more.

It is imperative that companies learn from erstwhile leaders in their fields who failed to future-proof themselves, such as Kodak, Nokia and the Yellow pages, who while still active, no longer lead the pack simply because they failed to embrace the future.

Today’s executives need to be brave enough to implement a digital transformation strategy that is technologically adaptable and scalable, and keeps the customer satisfied during all and any interactions.

Leveraging our relationship with Dimension Data, means that Merchants is able to partner with a business in putting such a strategy into place. We pride ourselves on our ability to dig deep into a business to understand the current situation, to work with executives to build systems that either enhance or replace the old guard, and to build bespoke solutions that can keep up with the changing face of technology and customer interaction.

Let Merchants guide you on your journey through digital transformation.