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Finance / Andrew warns of Brexit ‘upheaval’ but also ‘fresh grass’ for businesses

Andrew warns of Brexit ‘upheaval’ but also ‘fresh grass’ for businesses

British businesses face years of "uncertainty and difficulty" following Brexit, the Duke of York has said.

The Queen's son, who stepped down as the UK's roving business ambassador six years ago, said he had "no idea" how the country's exit from the European Union would play out.

But Andrew claimed there were opportunities outside the bloc and told the BBC there may be "fresh grass" beyond the union.

He said: "You can either look at it as a glass half-empty, which is: 'Oh my God, why have we done this?'

"Or you could look at it as a glass half-full, which is: 'OK, that's where we are. There are opportunities that we've got to make.'

“You may lose one thing but you may gain something else.”

He added: “There is going to be uncertainty and difficulty and upheaval over the next few years whilst this all plays out and I have no idea how it will play out.”

Andrew, who was interviewed by the BBC in Singapore where he was attending a Commonwealth science conference, said “many” businesses had not looked over the “garden fence” to the external market.

“And in my experience recently, businesses that look over the garden fence have gone: ‘Hmm, (the) grass is not quite as dark and unforgiving as you might expect’.

“And actually, getting over the fence, there might be some fresh grass out there.”

Ben Birchall/PA Wire