Finance / TUC urges workers to ‘score’ employers in bid to improve rights

TUC urges workers to ‘score’ employers in bid to improve rights

The TUC is launching a new drive to make sure workers are paid the rate for their jobs, giving them the chance to "score" their employer.

Under a Great Jobs Agenda, the TUC wants workers to check if women are paid fairly, workplaces are safe and disabled people and parents are supported.

TUC general secretary Frances O'Grady will tell a conference in London: "Our Great Jobs Agenda will lift the cloak of secrecy that too many employers are hiding behind.

"We want all workers - from zero-hours temps to permanent employees - to rank how their workplace performs.

"Great jobs for everyone, in every part of the UK, must become as much a shared national objective as growth or productivity.

“In the Queen’s Speech the Government promised to improve and enhance rights at work. Britain’s workers are desperate for change and control at work. Now’s the time for action.”

The TUC will also call for a ban on zero-hours contracts, replacing them with the right to guaranteed hours.

A Business Department spokesman said: “This Government is committed to building an economy that works for everyone, having introduced the National Living Wage and ensuring employers take their employment law responsibilities seriously.

“This means making sure workers are paid properly and enjoy the rights to which they are legally entitled.”

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