Science fiction is becoming reality as digital transformation takes hold

Chatbots can now help us with customer enquiries, while machine learning can analyse our data to help better understand human behaviour. Companies are starting to build an army of intelligent robots that will help us with our day-to-day life, from cleaning to cooking or buying a car.

What we thought was only possible in science fiction has finally become reality. Robots are becoming mini human helpers without the human attributes and, unlike us mere mortals, can perform 24/7 without needing to sleep, eat, drink or have a break. They might need a service once in while like cars do, but overall they will be there at our beck and call when we need them.

Brands are using AI to digitally transform themselves. At Business Reporter’s Digital Content Summit (DCS) earlier this year, the big topic of discussion was how companies are using technology. In his keynote speech Google’s Head of Design, Patrick Collister, talked about how Google’s DeepMind was using AI to enhance life through working with the NHS to identify cancerous cells in the brain.

Elsewhere at the event, representatives from KLM discussed their latest AI creation, a tool called DigitalGenius which helps sales agents answer customer questions. The airline’s mission is to create a system which combines technology with a personal human touch.

Technology is disrupting the way we do things both on a personal level and a professional one. You could say the transformation is only at its early stages – AI and machine learning is just the beginning.