Finance / Politicians ‘find it frightening to suggest Brexit could be a disaster’

Politicians ‘find it frightening to suggest Brexit could be a disaster’

Politicians find it "frightening" to suggest Brexit could be a disaster as they receive threats and are vilified, a Conservative former minister has said.

Baroness Altmann said a number of politicians from different parties feel the Government's current plan "doesn't look like it's going to deliver" for Britain a better outcome than the existing arrangement.

Lady Altmann, asked why other Tories were not also issuing similar Brexit warnings, told Channel 4 News: "It is so frightening to actually stand up and say 'We might think again about Brexit'.

“It is very hard for anybody to come out and be honest about their views and say ‘Actually this looks like a disaster, we’re worried about it’.”

Asked why, the peer said: “You get vilified, you get threatened.

“The backlash against anyone who is trying to be honest – if one has an honest view, this is such an important issue, this is such a fundamental issue that could change our future forever and could destroy some of the strength of our economy.”

Lady Altmann added she is “not leaving the Conservatives” as she hopes there is “room” in the party for “people who have different views”.

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  • robert d

    It is always frightening for opponents to speak up in any fascist or totalitarian state.

  • Laurence Hazlewood

    Having courage to tell the truth is the mark of a Hero not a Hack.

  • Antonio_vivaldi

    May el al are frightened of any form of challenge, Brexit is the Scientology of the Conservative party, a phony religion suited only to delusional fools.

    • Frederick Robinson

      With a Remain convert to Brexit (always the most-dangerous) at the helm.

      • transiently permanent

        Do you think we can really call her a convert? I see no evidence that she actually believes in what she’s trying to do…she simply has populist blinkers on, knowing that many conservative supporters and some others find the idea of brexit appealing, no matter what the social and economic consequences.

        • Frederick Robinson

          A convert in the way that some Moors and Jews were converts during the Spanish Inquisition.

    • transiently permanent

      Yes, but unfortunately the Labour leadership are also followers of the same religion, even though most of their MPs and supporters are not. This is surely one of the most ridiculous of the many ironies surrounding this whole debacle…Corbyn, the long-term anti-EU campaigner leading a pro-EU party with a broadly pro-EU support base, and May, who knows brexit to be bullshit, trying to progress it all in the most extreme way possible, because she thinks that’s where her votes are.

    • Keith Brown

      Quite correct.

    • Christopher Briggs

      El al?

  • BillH

    The Brexit machinery will intimidate, vilify and threaten anyone who stands in its way to eliminate any opposition. Such was always the way with totalitarianism.

  • Richard B

    IN LESS THAN 18 MONTHS the Brexit poison has reduced Britain from a proud and respected nation to the status of an international clown. STOP THE POISON, STOP BREXIT.

    • NeilM639

      ASAP Richard.

  • Michael Fletcher

    Today the insidiousness of brexit was demonstrated by IDS stating “we are all brexiteers now”. We are not. We have not been assimilated. We are not all with “project insanity and hate”. We want an NHS that functions, we want farms to have produce picked and packed, we want Grimsby to get staff, we want migration both ways, we don’t believe we are going to cover the loss selling traction engines to Bechuanaland, we know that finance WILL leave London. We do not trust the Leave campaign. We do not appreciate being lied to. The referendum has passed its sell by date and is no longer valid for the purposes it is being put to. This situation is wrong and the brexits know it.

    • Linda Daniels

      I know thousands who are not , Remainers we are fighting for our rights , they are simple . But I fear for my family all in England

    • Peter Gartshore

      …and the sun will stop shining! What a load of nonsense. All these things we had before even joining the EU. Are you suggesting that a Labour government under Corbyn will stop migration, will throw away workers rights…get a grip on reality

      • Michael Fletcher

        Why do you want to stop migration? We need these people.

        • Peter Gartshore

          Read what I have said. Migration will not stop under any Party. I would like to see migration from progressive developing countries as well as improved trading relations which is currently being strangled by the racist economic policies of the EU single market regulations

  • Richard B

    Brexit is a disaster based on no legal basis or mandate whatsoever.
    An advisory referendum with no vote threshold, hijacked by Cameron.
    An Act of Parliament which bizarrely avoids making a legal decision to leave the EU.
    A purported Article 50 Notice which has no legal validity.
    Incompetence and deceit by ministers and the PM.
    Criminal misconduct in public office by ministers and the PM.
    Ignorant and fantastic nationalist /imperialist aspirations by the hard right.
    Head in the sand socialist aspirations by the hard left.
    Chaos in the cabinet.
    Economy sinking. Sterling sinking. Talent leaving. Companies leaving. Banks leaving. Tax revenues dropping.

    The poison which is destroying Britain is BREXIT. The poison must be stopped, and will be stopped.
    How we are seen by others:

  • Chalks Corriette

    I personally just want to read the exit business case for myself, with the risk analysis and look over the project plan. If this is such a great idea – it will be clear. For transparency, I am a British passport holder, living and working in Belgium. I have full residency thus will not be impacted if there is indeed an exit. I simply want to see the business case as proof that folks actually know what they are talking about.

  • Sam Seal

    When they came for the…

  • Linda Daniels

    Dictatorship is here , off shore accounts etc , but I think the picture is much much bigger, ask Trump, Putin, Dacre Assad, Banks , Bannon Murdoch ETC May’s other half !. Hitler played these games , it didn’t take long to control all the country with no opposition left , 1 party nation
    . The MPs must grow some balls & get her out ,