Britain in bid to boost post-Brexit trade with China

Ministers will push for progress on post-Brexit trade for Britain in a series of high-level talks in China.

Foreign Office minister Mark Field will seek to strengthen links with Beijing when he arrives on Tuesday for talks at the beginning of a 10-day visit to Asia, including meetings in Hong Kong, South Korea and Singapore.

The meetings with China's foreign minister Wang Yi, vice foreign minister Wang Chao and assistant foreign minister Kong Xuanyou will also focus on maintaining stability in the region following escalating tensions between North Korea and the United States in recent weeks.

Combating the illegal wildlife trade will also be on the agenda as China prepares to bring in a ban on the sale of ivory by the end of the year.

Speaking before the meeting, Mr Field said: “China is a key global player and an essential partner for the UK in many areas, not least trade and investment and foreign policy.

“This has been particularly clear in recent weeks as we worked closely with China and other United Nations partners to respond to the threat North Korea poses to regional stability and security.

“We exported £16.7 billion worth of goods to China in 2016 and that figure will continue to grow as we strengthen links between our countries.

“I look forward to discussions on these issues in Beijing, and harnessing the UK-China Global Partnership to tackle issues of global concern such as the illegal wildlife trade.”

Arthur Edwards/PA Wire


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