B-Hive fosters collaboration in financial services industry

Fabian Vandenreydt, Executive Chairman of B-Hive 

Large financial institutions are recognising more and more the need to innovate in order to be competitive in financial services - especially with digitisation affecting every aspect of the industry. However, rather than attempting to compete against technology companies trying to disrupt this sector, these institutions are moving more towards collaborative efforts.

Enter B-Hive, a European collaborative innovation platform that connects financial services, players and technology start-ups and scale-ups to address common challenges and opportunities brought by the digitalisation of the financial services industry. B-Hive is focusing on business development and matchmaking across the different regions, setting up missions, networking events and touchpoints for its members and partners.

This collaboration helps companies identify and tackle the challenges the industry is currently facing: including cyber-security, blockchain implementation, closing the digital skills gap, big data, artificial intelligence and more. As such, B-Hive is helping connect the dots in the fintech ecosystem on a global scale.

Creating a powerful network is a large part of this, and in addition to B-Hive’s 13 financial institution shareholders, as well as support from the Belgian government, and more than 100 fintech members, it aims to connect with fintech hubs in other ecosystems to further foster this collaboration through knowledge-sharing and helping companies find the right organisations with which to conduct business.

B-Hive has set up regional offices in London, Tel Aviv and New York to provide foreign tech companies with a smart gateway to Europe – which means access to its global network and unlocking business opportunities in Europe.

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