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It’s not only about watts but also about bits: How smart lighting changes your bookkeeping


"Companies reduce their energy consumption to improve their bottom line."

In recent movie The Current War, Michael Shannon portrays a merciless entrepreneur of the late 1800s. The story re-enacts the controversial rivalry between electrical pioneers George Westinghouse (played by Shannon) and Thomas Edison (Benedict Cumberbatch), as they try not only to win the concession for the electrification of the US but also fight for the control of the future.

Electricity, indeed, has changed history, just like combustion engines, psychoanalysis or Coca-Cola.But let’s stay with electricity. Companies today try to reduce their energy consumption hoping for the improvement of the bottom line. Bastiaan de Groot, an expert in artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, believes that there is far more money in smart technologies if we can unlock a 21st-century secret.

Utilities in your offices is a core business issue.

By Bastiaan de Groot, Feilo Sylvania


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