Traps and misconceptions that may cost your company’s life

How SMEs forget to protect themselves from cyber-attacks, and what they need to do

"...Destruction […] seemed to be impossible in the rapidly developing West…"

The writer Stefan Zweig immortalised the glamour of the belle époque in his book The World Of Yesterday, in which he condemns the liberal bias of the peaceful years before the Great War, when the comfortable middle class and bourgeois of a vibrant Vienna self-confidently sleepwalked into armageddon. Wars, destruction of privacy and mass-scale theft seemed to be impossible in the rapidly developing West of those days.

We have not learned our lesson yet. SMEs, the pearls and gems of the economy, are celebrated as the ambassadors of innovation, craftsmanship, and the advent of a rich future. The jubilant voices drown out the warning signals that call attention to an ever-growing cyber warfare. Nobody is too small or unimportant for the hackers. Why? And how can SMEs turn into the backdoor access to major organisations? David Emm from Kaspersky explains how to protect ourselves.

All businesses are targets in the cyber war.

By David Emm, Kaspersky


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