Why success in the cloud is all about business-driven IT

Dominic Rowles, Business Development Director, CACI - Network Services, Peter Eggington, Chief IT Architect, CACI - Network Services

Every end user in a business will have a story about waiting weeks for the IT department to make a change, roll out an update or deliver a fix.

However, IT departments aren’t keeping them waiting on purpose.

IT’s had to become somewhat of a ‘Jack of all trades’ in recent years, because it’s expected to cover so much across the business. It’s holding up infrastructure in all corners of the company, supporting all your end users – and still trying to innovate. If you want your IT department to create real value, this whole mindset needs to change.

As part of its Digital Transformation 2018 season, Business Reporter’s Alastair Greener sat down with CACI Network Services’ Director of Business Development, Dominic Rowles, and Chief IT Architect, Peter Eggington, to discuss how IT departments can evolve.

According to Dominic, businesses that want to succeed with a new digital strategy in the coming years need to make an unusual choice for their next major hire: a business-focused CTO, not just a technically capable one.

It’s going to be a significant cultural shift for many businesses, but a vital one if they want their IT departments to be centres of excellence, rather than a drain on the bottom line.

To make all this happen, businesses need to fully embrace the cloud. Some departments will be understandably hesitant – particularly considering how much time and resource has been invested in their existing infrastructure – but the potential for cost savings, efficiency gains and innovation is too much to ignore.

Watch the full studio debate to learn more about what Dominic and Peter think is in store for IT departments as more and more infrastructure shifts into the cloud – and how CACI are helping businesses succeed in their own digital transformations.

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