Revitalising and democratising economies with blockchain mobile B2B payment systems

For every business, finding the right partners to collaborate with is crucial. TraDove helps simplify the search.

In little more than a decade, social media has led to an incredible transformation of the way people and businesses interact with each other and the world at large. Although it has become integral to social lives, it shouldn’t be underestimated how much it has also revolutionised the way business is conducted, with a number of platforms encouraging business networking and collaboration.

TraDove is one example – the first social network designed solely for B2B buyers and sellers worldwide. By providing a platform where businesses can directly connect with one another, it aims to make forming the business relationships that are essential for success a whole lot easier.

Credibility is one of the foremost values TraDove was founded on. All potential busi­ness members interested in joining the network must go through a vetting process before they’re allowed to sign up, in which business details are certified by TraDove. This ensures all buyers and sellers are genuine and have signed up for the same purpose. Unlike less selective social media platforms, this makes for an uncluttered business experi­ence where members can identify partners to help their business more quickly. A demo­cratic rating system lets users offer feedback on each other’s goods and services, adding a further layer of trustworthiness.

Another fundamental problem with global trade is financial systems that have not been revolutionised, and which block trade for small and medium business. TraDove is breaking down these barriers by creating a world where businesses can reach global markets and trade freely with one another, by creating the world’s first B2B mobile blockchain payment system.

Blockchain networks, applications and crypto-markets have only just started to impact the way we conduct business, but TraDove enables companies everywhere, from small businesses to global corporations, to profit from this technological globalisation. Once buyers and sellers have connected with each other, TraDove’s innovative transac­tion feature removes many of the barriers which currently exist within international trade. TraDove is developing a next-generation blockchain-based B2B payment network that is super-light, fast, and the first blockchain for mobile platforms.

The business process is made even more transparent through the use of smart contracts to reflect B2B contracts in the new world of blockchain, letting partners trade instanta­neouly around the world in complete security. The long-term aim is that this will open a $76trillion global market to new business opportunities, revitalise sluggish economies and free up several hundred billions of dollars that are blocked by traditional slow and cumbersome payment methods.

So far, the platform has attracted more than 250,000 corporate users from more than 100,000 companies in 80 countries. Many clients are from the upper echelons of business, with more than 200 Fortune 1000 companies choosing TraDove to carry out global business. Despite such impressive figures, we are looking to expand even further, especially when it comes to giving SMEs access to the global marketplace.

By guaranteeing user credibility and re­moving common obstacles to international trade, TraDove is changing the way companies do business, one connection at a time.

TraDove makes finding and trading with the right business partners easier than ever

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