The reality of health and safety in the corporate world

Toby Roberts, Managing Director

The UK is a world leader when it comes to health and safety standards. Organisations around the globe look to Britain to set an example of how things should be done properly, which is why it is critical that, as a country, we get it right.

In a recent interview, Managing Director of Safety Media Toby Roberts brings to light some alarming facts about attitudes to employee safety. “As a training provider we are asked about who our competitors are,” he says. “Other companies providing similar services to our own, however, aren’t actually a concern to us. The concern is that too many organisations are still taking a conscious decision to take risks with their employees’ safety rather than investing in potentially lifesaving, preventative training.”

It is all too often decided that the potential fine and compensation following a workplace incident is preferable to making an upfront investment in training employees, so that they are armed with the knowledge to avoid the incidents in the first place. Adds Roberts: “If we get it right in the UK then it will follow around the globe.”

These claims may sound like scaremongering, but with over 20 years’ experience in the health and safety field, Safety Media is renowned as an expert in the field of training and risk management.

By taking a 360-degree approach to health and safety management, organisations which embrace emerging technologies and software are able to make compliance a simple and pain-free exercise, and lead the way in demonstrating a strong approach to their corporate and social responsibilities.

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