Online visibility can save companies in a competitive market

Eugene Levin, Chief Strategy Officer, SEMrush

It’s hard to come up with an example of a business that can have no online presence. Indeed, the major challenge is to make your product/service stand out among the many online.

Practically every market niche is heavily saturated. Marketers have to struggle through a highly competitive environment in order to convince customers to buy their product.

In addition, many customers have developed ‘advertising blindness’ – a phenomenon whereby consumers are able to subconsciously tune out ads. Marketers have to re-invent their advertising to refocus customers’ attention, and then share the new tactics and data between departments to avoid ‘silos’.

According to the latest Custom Forrester Study commissioned by SEMrush, many marketers want to be able to use data from specific marketing channels, such as search or social, to understand their customers’ needs and to optimise and support their strategies in a variety of channels. But they are still siloed.

So, you obviously need to have the right tool with the right functions, which can also look at what your competitors are doing and analyse the current situation to invent new and creative practices.

Cross-channel data sharing is essential for more effective and strategic campaigns. Despite that fact that 90 per cent of marketers consider search engine optimisation (SEO) to be among the top three most important marketing channels, only 50 per cent of campaigns actually make use of SEO data. Considering that organic search continues to drive over 50 per cent of traffic, this is a real missed opportunity.

Analysis of competitors, using the right tool, alignment of the efforts and data, and usage of integrated distribution channels can ensure companies’ marketing efforts across various teams are aligned, nor are they are not losing money and opportunities.

And you have to be a bit more creative than your competitors — that’s your secret formula.

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