Identity and access management are the foundations of cyber security

Identity and access management are the foundations of cyber security

Derek Gordon, PwC Director, Identity & Access Management UK territory leader

Digital identity is at the heart of any organisation’s digital strategy, supporting the delivery and security of digital services and assets (data and applications).

Building on the principle of security by design, digital identity places more focus on the business, enhancing capabilities to improve process efficiencies and user experience. This is through frictionless services such as registration, consent management and secure authentication.

Currently, the ever-changing landscape across regulation, technology and business strategy have all combined into a once-in-a-generation sequence of events that organisations must recognise and address.

Identity and access management (IAM) is now a key component of any digital transformation and modernisation programme, extending beyond the traditional internal security boundaries to include cloud infrastructure and software as a service.

IAM is crucial in the delivery of services with the lifecycle management of internal users. It covers the various operating and sourcing models utilised by organisations, with increasing demand to provide external user services covering consent management and enriched user services, as well as the provisioning for system accounts, robotic accounts and consideration for connected drives.

Find out how PwC is positioned to help its clients navigate enterprise and consumer IAM challenges and embrace the digital advantage by enabling effective and efficient secure capabilities.

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