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Baking cybersecurity into digital transformation projects: why it matters

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There is no universal definition of digital transformation. To some of us, it means better realising what technology can mean for operational efficiency and effectiveness, as well as business growth. To others, digital transformation can be more of a modernisation initiative to overcome a lack of investment in business-enabling technologies. When it comes right down to it, for most businesses digital transformation is all about the customer. It’s about abstracting customers from the details of their operations and orchestrating a world-class customer experience across all touchpoints – with speed and efficiency. Fundamentally, organisations want to earn the unconditional love, trust and loyalty of their customers, and digital transformation is just one technology-fuelled method in that effort.


Cybersecurity should be a part of the value stream of digital transformation that contributes to such world-class customer experiences. Increasingly though, we see organisations lose customer trust and market share as a result of a data breach or other malicious digital attack. Businesses need to consider, design and engineer security into solutions from the start to make sure they’re not introducing security flaws into new digital systems. As the speed of development increases, we need to be measured enough to build security into solutions while ensuring that we’re enabling and not degrading the degree to which we can leverage technology.


To do this, your business needs trained people to manage these systems and processes. (ISC)2 helps to prepare and authenticate these professionals with a range of certifications. Some deal with the holistic requirements of these roles, while some deal with things such as ensuring secure software is developed and maintained. Others help in leading organisations’ cloud solutions and services security. (ISC)2 has a portfolio of professional certifications that provide hiring officials with confidence in the knowledge, skills, abilities and ethical conduct of those they’re considering for these positions of trust, helping to guide organisations through their digitial transformation journeys.


Please visit the (ISC)2 website to learn more about cybersecurity training and certification

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