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Bins redesigned: recycle more and waste less with Method

Concerns about the environment continue to grow in the UK, and the focus is turning towards what organisations can do to reduce their impact. Method, a company from New Zealand, has redesigned recycling for the modern facility so that your organisation can make a visible difference as you recycle more and waste less. More than just a bin, Method’s innovative recycling solution becomes a visible statement of your commitment to sustainability, while helping your bottom line.


Method co-founders Steven and India Korner saw organisations that wanted to recycle, but didn’t have the tools to be successful. Traditional options are often ineffective, such as desk bins or ugly bins hidden in cupboards. Method’s signature 60-litre recycling bins are coded with information to help users accurately sort waste and effectively change workplace recycling behaviours.


The Korners believed a well-designed bin could make a difference, and it has. Many organisations have seen their recycling rates increase significantly through the introduction of Method’s bins, and subsequently they’re sending less waste to landfill/incineration. One facility increased its recycling rates from roughly 30 per cent to 75 per cent.


The bins are designed to be placed together to form flexible recycling stations, located throughout any facility. With this, Method pioneered the concept of Open Plan Recycling, bringing colour-coded and consistent recycling stations out into the open-plan design of modern facilities. This increases awareness, accountability and conversations about recycling and sustainability.

Source: Method Recycling 

Method can easily introduce the correct streams into a site to reduce contamination and increase recycling rates just by knowing; who collects the waste and what’s collected, what happens to the waste after it leaves the facility, how many people are using the stations and how often the bins are emptied. Generally, Method recommends one recycling station for every 30 to 50 people, which is around a 10-second walk from each desk.


The bins are made from fully recyclable polypropylene, a durable material given a beautiful finish via injection moulding. At least 50 per cent of the black components are made from recycled materials and they are continuously working to increase this percentage as supply and technology allow.


Method is a modern recycling and waste system that is effective through considered design and can have a significant impact on an organisation’s recycling rates. With visible recycling stations, the bins become a beautiful statement of an organisation’s commitment to sustainability. As well as saving time, money and plastic, with fewer bins and liners to purchase and service.


Method’s bins can be found in leading facilities around the world. From stadiums such as the Sydney Cricket Ground, airlines like Qantas, large coworking spaces like The Office Group in London, offices including Canva, the Design Council and world-renowned architecture firm Foster + Partners, and even a whale watching boat off the coast of New Zealand! Method bins effectively divert waste, and enable recycling in any space.

Recycle more, and waste less in your facility with Method – find out more here

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