Facilities Management July 2019

Facilities Management July 2019

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With boardrooms and businesses largely focused on hot-button issues such as digital transformation and the increasing importance of IT and cyber-security, facilities management often ranks a few rungs further down the ladder of priorities. But facilities management – whether you do it yourself or contract it out – is part of any business. And this once-ignored sector is starting to gain traction as employers begin to realise that FM is about much more than just the management of buildings or services.

Firms are beginning to recognise that building a smarter working environment, from the shop floor up, can serve as a solid foundation on which to do better business. Whether it’s better-designed workplaces resulting in happier employees and more efficient work, delivering environmentally sustainable solutions that can also cost less, or better ways to recruit and train new staff, facilities management can improve every aspect of the modern workplace – and make your bottom line look a lot healthier too.

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