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Cyber-attacks: what really happens behind the headlines?

When it comes to risk and business continuity, the traditional focus on fire, flood and theft has been replaced with a less visible, but highly destructive threat in the form of cyber-crime, viruses and attacks on businesses’ data and IT environments.


When a cyber-attacks hits, it’s no longer just internet access, computers and servers that are compromised. All communication channels are vulnerable. In many situations the only option is to go dark and take everything offline – resulting in no emails, no internet access, no incoming or outgoing phone calls, and no conference calls with clients. A business’s ability to communicate internally with its own employees, and with the outside world, is significantly impacted.


With a 30-year track record of delivering high-quality professional services to clients in the City of London, ComXo has been an integral part of business continuity plans for many firms, including those which have been compromised by a cyber-attack. ComXo’s extensive experience in business continuity planning enables it to deliver a comprehensive service to maintain the flow of information during a cyber-attack. Delivering clear and concise information reduces misconceptions and reassures clients that business operations can continue to function.


ComXo is a leading provider of managed communications services around the function of the switchboard to the professional service sector. Drawing on comprehensive experience of providing switchboard and BCP solutions to the top 100 law firms in the city of London, it delivers an unparalleled level of expertise. Operators are available 24 hours a day and can step in to provide relief services during peak times, or to replace existing services during emergencies.


A seamless uptake of switchboard services mitigates many of the major negative impacts of a cyber-crisis. Potential clients are still able to get through and access information, with little or no apparent interruption in service. To do this, ComXo ensures staff are fully trained in a business’s operational system to ensure the very highest level of customer service. First impressions count even during a crisis. If customers aren’t able to get what they want from a business, it will not be long before they go elsewhere.


ComXo can support its clients through:


• Maintaining business as usual for customers

• Providing peace of mind and the ability to focus on bigger tasks of disaster recovery

• Keeping staff and stakeholders well informed

• Protecting the client’s reputation by delivering unfaltering five-star service

• Giving access to an independent communications platform – audio, web and video

• Handling IT inquiries and escalation services

• Providing exhaustive management information for reporting and insurance claims post-event

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