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Welcome to the ultimate business concierge service

Firms are being held back by operational friction because they are becoming more complex. Workforces work from everywhere, at any time of day or night, across different time zones.  Different offices use different systems, with different sources of data.


Workforces are vastly diverse, comprising full-timers, part-timers, consultants, gig economy workers and outsourcers. Communication happens via mobile, desk phones, switchboards, WhatsApp, Skype for Business, hangouts and others. These variables become complicated – complication causes friction, friction causes frustration, and frustration causes operational failure. It’s the three Fs: friction, frustration, failure.


ComXo support 135 complex businesses handling over a million operational requests by phone and email every year. These requests fall into three categories – navigation, reservation and escalation. People navigating into and across an organisation – for instance a new business enquiry, or finding a subject matter expert in your business, for example. Reservation services can include booking and managing a complex meeting room requirement, taxis or voice/video conference calls. Escalation services may include IT and facilities helpdesk requests. 


To enable businesses to evolve and have the right tools in place to maximise efficiency and productivity, we are bringing our customers a global first – a mobile, anytime service app that is a hybrid of technology and instant human service, giving access to navigation, reservation and escalation.


We call this the ComXo Business Services Gateway, because that’s what it is – a gateway to your business services. It starts with the mapping of our client’s communication flows, knowledge flows and workflows across their organisation. We re-engineer these processes to maximise ease of use, then we enable them to be accessed via a mobile app – either self-service or as an instant managed service by our team of experts.


Imagine the ultimate business concierge service…


The Business Services Gateway will transform the productivity of large complex businesses because it helps remove friction, frustration and operational failure. It is, in essence, an expert human cloud that sits above the entire back-office of complex organisations that can be accessed 24/7, to simply get stuff done. 


If we could increase your employee productivity by just 5 per cent, what would that mean to your bottom line? For our existing customers, it means millions of pounds of additional profit.

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