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Pioneering the modern era of property management

After experiencing the pain of managing property and tenants using old desktop software, spreadsheets and emails, Tom Wallace decided to reinvent the approach to commercial property management – and Re-Leased was born.


With a combination of extensive industry experience and world-class software engineering, Re-Leased is designed by commercial property experts for commercial property professionals. Re-Leased’s unique perspective means usability, productivity and reliability are at the core of Re-Leased’s platform. Complex tasks are simplified, and information centralised for full control from one screen.


The platform is focused on servicing commercial landlords and property managers, helping them generate economies of scale by automating business processes.


Customers report time savings of between 70 and 90 per cent as a result of implementing Re-Leased, and love Re-Leased’s modern and innovative approach to property management. “We save over 35 hours per week in admin, and have increased turnover significantly since using Re-Leased,” said Matt Fitzgerald from Commercial Property Partners in Sheffield, who has been using Re-Leased for three years.


With property managers operationally desk and paper-bound by manual property management tools, critical tasks or transactions can often be missed. Landlords and property managers can be put in positions of contractual risk, and keeping on top of multiple rent reviews, break clauses or financial transactions can be impossible. Re-Leased is designed to be the catalyst of innovation from within the industry, that will pioneer the modern era of property management.


NG Chartered Surveyors in Nottingham adopted Re-Leased in 2018, “The property management software we were formerly using was widely adopted across the surveying industry, but we felt that it wasn’t good enough for the level of service we wanted to offer,” they said. “Hence, we researched the market and have invested in Re-Leased, which we believe is the ‘blue riband’ of property management software.”


Re-Leased is making its mark in the sector through rapid customer growth. The company’s accolades include: Xero Award Finalists (four years consecutively), PropertyWeek’s Best Place to Work in Property, London Mayor’s International Business Programme, Software Advice (2019) Front Runners, and it has recently received investment from Evans Randall Real Estate Fund. “Kent Gardner and I are excited and proud to invest in Re-Leased,” said Paul Kendrick at Evans Randall. “The property industry is paying lip service to new technology, and is wide open for disruption. We are convinced that Re-Leased will have a front row seat in that disruption.”


Re-Leased has maintained its position at the cutting edge of property management innovation by bringing the property industry into a truly mobile age. With mobile technology, deskbound property managers can spend time with their customers, and provide value-added services while remaining connected to all key stakeholders. The Re-Leased platform and the freedom that the mobile apps enable is revolutionising the working practices of property managers.

Find out how you can start transforming your property business here.

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