Edward Grigg, General Manager, Joe Barton, Head of Supply Chain Management, Kelly Palmer, Account Manager and Angela Allen, Account Manager, Incorporatewear

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Incorporatewear – the perfect fit to perform

Ed Grigg and the team from Incorporatewear, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of uniform, joins Business reporter to talk about account management, the importance of sustainability and the implications of costing versus quality.


In this video, Ed Grigg, General Manager of Incorporatewear, which has been trading for over 20 years explains how significant branding is, and how important it is to protect the brands they represent.


‘Every uniform has to both encapsulate the brand and empower the wearer’. Working closely with the design team Incorporatewear are able to carry out wearer trials of new fabrics, styles and clothing ranges to ensure the wearers are happy with their uniforms. 


Joe Barton, Head of Supply Chain at Incorporatewear, joined the conversation to explain how our customers look to us for support and innovation in sustainability. ‘Working with our customers we have found solutions using recycled polyester, plastic free packaging and economical laundry of high turnover items’.


‘The uniform industry is changing, balancing the difference between low cost products vs higher end products and their lifespans are a constant challenge for us and our customers. We must weigh up what effect this has on sustainability, also we look at the impact on the brand, what does a cheap product look like for the brand and the effect it can have in representing that brand. Would a more expensive product compliment the brand better?’  commented Ed Grigg.


Elsewhere, Account Managers Angela and Kelly with over 25 years’ experience between them, talk about their large-scale accounts and how Incorporatewear constantly evolve with each customer account.


Joe Barton concludes the interview by underling the need to balance sustainability, costing and brand.  ‘sustainability is key, it can be designed into both the product and business processes. It’s not just about recycled fabrics’. 

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