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Chris Turner, CEO, Turbine Efficiency Group

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Turbine Efficiency Group: the leading independent service provider for industrial gas turbines

Turbine Efficiency Group combines capabilities & delivers a world-class service on IGT’s (SGT-100, SGT-200, SGT-300, TA, Saturn, Centaur), servicing new and existing customers from overhaul facilities in the UK and US, with regional offices in Aberdeen and Dubai. Whatever your needs, from refurbished or new installations, maintenance and overhaul capabilities, individual parts, or supply and repairs, we will work with you to provide precise, value-added solutions to fit your individual operations.


As the leading independent provider of gas turbine overhaul and repair services, TEG offers a range of light industrial gas turbine equipment solutions for the power, oil and gas, and industrial markets, with a one-stop-shop service, with a staff of more than 80 of the industry’s most enthusiastic and  dedicated individuals who have more than 300 combined years of OEM experience. Our field service team is made up of highly skilled professionals – providing an array of solutions, they are supported by a network of in-house crews of mechanical and electrical engineers and customer support. This combined with the prompt service of our expert technical team means we are strongly placed to minimise our customers’ scheduled and non-scheduled site activities.


When you choose our in-house repair and maintenance service, you’re receiving a repair solution proudly tailor-made for you. Our coatings and repair centre offers a service not only for our house customers with the SGT Lincoln range, but for all small industrial gas turbine users. The service is second to none with unbeatable support, and positioned to deliver an all-inclusive package. Whether it be the whole engine or individual components, our team of experts will support you from the beginning to return to service.


The technology and processes we use breathe new life into expired blades, by realigning the molecular structure of a metal blade to reset to an “as-new” condition. This can offer at least one new life-cycle of use.


Our coatings and repair centre specialises in component repair and refurbishment of Siemens (Ruston TA, TB) SGT100, 200 & 300 engine components, including flame tunes and nozzle guide vanes, and are also experienced in other engine ranges such as Dresser Rand, Rolls Royce, GE and Solar®.


The newly acquired GTA provides overhaul, repair and testing services for a longstanding customer base, primarily operating within the upstream and midstream sector, from its facility in Calera, Oklahoma in the US. This is all delivered from a 16,000ft2 workshop, which includes a Saturn and Centaur test facility as well as a fully equipped machine shop. The workshop has two overhead cranes with up to seven tonnes of capability) and build stands for both the Saturn and Centaur engines.


GTA provides a competitively priced overhaul of all Solar®, Saturn & Centaur products. Each turbine is disassembled, cleaned, inspected, repaired, balanced and assembled to the highest quality standards. Most overhaul and repair operations are performed in-house on our machines to high quality standards.


No matter what you subscribe to, with Turbine Efficiency Group we deliver exceptional results all over the globe.

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