Robots could be conducting job interviews by 2020

Source: Reuters Marketplace – Wibbitz, March 21


A 16-inch tall robot-recruiternamed Tengai could be thefuture of job interviews. Tengai is programmed to conduct every interview the exact same way. She doesn’t engage in pre-interview chit-chat andasks every question in the same tone and order.

Tengai then sends a transcript to human employerscontaining only the interviewee’s answers,eliminating any bias or inherited prejudices. The robot was created by Furhat,an artificial intelligence and socialrobotics company based in Sweden. They’ve spent the last four years creating ahuman-like computer interface that mimicshuman speech and facial expressions. Tengai is expected to be putin real life situations as earlyas May of 2019. She’s been undergoing trials sinceOctober 2018, in partnershipwith one of Sweden’s largestrecruitment firms, TNG. Real candidate interviews are expected to begin in May2019, and an English version could exist as soon as 2020.

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