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BRO: Digital Economy and Transformation October 2019

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It seems that nowadays, the rate at which businesses must adapt to new technologies is growing exponentially. Innovation and disruption to existing business models is rife, and businesses must adapt, or be consigned to the scrapheap of history.

We may all be sick of hearing the term ‘digital transformation’, but in reality, we can look at it as an opportunity to improve the way every single facet of a business runs. Not only can digital transformation provide a smoother, more frictionless experience for customers, but it can also reduce running costs and drive efficiency for a business, freeing workers to be able to concentrate on higher value tasks.

That isn’t to say however, that digital transformation isn’t without its challenges. Indeed, a business may have to make significant investments and even revolutionary changes in the way they function. To compound this, an increasing move to digital infrastructure opens the doors to risks from cybercrime and fraud.

In this report, we look at how businesses can become leaner, more profitable operations, and deal with any challenges that may arise on the way. Whilst for some, the road to a successful digital transformation may have holes and bumps on the way; it is a road that leads to a brighter future for organisations: the alternative is obsolescence.

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