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Fuelling growth through people in the digital age

The workplace is undergoing a huge transformation, with today’s workforce the most distributed, diverse and multigenerational our society has ever seen. To adapt to a rapidly changing business landscape and meet rising growth challenges, companies large and small need the right skills in their business and to be agile in their approach to recruiting, developing and retaining talent.


Despite the rise of artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation, the emerging business model for the digital age puts people at the centre. Skills shortages prevail and to thrive in the digital age, managers and leaders must find innovative ways to unlock talent and maximise the potential and productivity of their people.


The availability of skills has become the top business concern for 79 per cent of UK business leaders, according to PWC’s latest global CEO survey. Meanwhile, Gartner’s 2019 CEO and senior executive study shows priorities are shifting to meet rising growth challenges, with talent management now the number one organisational competency that companies need to develop.


How to bring on board the best talent when it’s needed, recognise and reward high performance and support employees in acquiring new knowledge and skills have become top of the agenda for CEOs, business owners, HR professionals and managers alike. But companies often struggle to achieve these goals and are stuck with outdated practices that don’t match the needs of today’s workplace and impact employee engagement, productivity and business success.


The good news is that technology is driving a revolution in people development and businesses are reaping the benefits of replacing spreadsheets and cumbersome systems with intuitive solutions, such as Kallidus’s suite of effective, engaging and easy-to-use people development systems. Kallidus software has been designed to give people a consumer-like experience at work and has won awards for its industry-leading user-experience which ensures uptake and guarantees results. From recruiting top talent to creating a culture of continuous learning and performance feedback, every stage of employee development is covered, from initial hire to high-flier.


With availability of key skills a major threat to most businesses, this modern technology-driven approach enables better decision making on when and where to invest and how to get the most out of people, whether they are new recruits taking the first step on their career ladder or seasoned performers. It helps companies build their businesses by fuelling employee growth and retention while ensuring business goals and business outcomes are aligned. Most importantly, it delivers significant value to the business through a more capable, more productive and skilled workforce. 


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