Adria Harris, UK Human Resources Director, Roche

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Making the mix work

In a world where everyone can be anyone, does your workplace accept you for you? Twenty-first century society tells us to be brave, to be anything we want to be – but can you truly be yourself at work?


Roche is a pioneer in healthcare, focused on advancing science to improve people’s lives. With 42 different nationalities, a 56 per cent female leadership and four generations in the workforce, we have in the UK a range of top talent that drives innovation and creativity. People are any organisation’s greatest asset and it is through our people that we maintain and enhance our contribution to society. But we can only do this if everyone in the company feels able to bring something different to the table. Diseases do not discriminate, and neither do we.


Through mandated measures such as the gender pay gap and increased demands from their people and customers, many companies are now more aware of and more active in the discussion of diversity. Translating this discussion into tangible outputs, feasible actions and real change is key. 


Diversity and inclusion are entirely interlinked and integral to one another. To make them work and to see the invaluable benefit to society that they bring, we require a shift in mindset. Ask yourself: are you truly diverse and inclusive and if not, how has the lack of it affected you and your business? 


Having a culture of interconnectivity between diversity and inclusion is not a box-ticking activity and requires change driven by all parties. For any organisation to evolve and encompass true inclusivity, it must help embed these values in its people. Is this true for your organisation?


The conversation is far from over. With society now placing an increasing spotlight on all organisations to improve their sustainability, ensuring people remain at the forefront of the agenda will dictate the future of how we work in the UK. The question is, will you share your voice at the table to drive this change?

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