Jash Bansidhar, Associate Vice President of Industrial IoT, Advantech Europe

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The future of IoT at Advantech

The potential positive economic impact of IoT is estimated to reach between £3-11 trillion a year by 2025. Despite this, the high barriers to adoption, along with a lack of trust in the systems, are discouraging many manufacturers from investing in IoT. Read on to find out how Advantech’s strategies aim to combat this resistance.


Usually when we analyse systems, the end-user knows the process well, while the system integrators know the technology well. In response to this, Advantech has launched a co-creation strategy to benefit from the domain competencies of both parties.


Advantech’s IoT software platform, WISE-PaaS, enables easy connectivity by creating fit-for-purpose applications with partners. Our co-creation strategy results in out-of-the-box, solution-ready packages for different scenarios and specific verticals, allowing the end-user to quickly deploy cloud solutions and giving them a far greater visibility of information.


WISE-PaaS is cloud-based middleware based on opensource, meaning it provides a large amount of information and quick deployment of new technologies. The end-user can implement this without having to worry about high costs, low levels of innovation, or investment in a product they may not actually need. With security being a huge concern for any business, we have ensured that our platform enables safe collaboration by creating solutions with an end-to-end secured connection.


We are creating various scenarios for a number of different applications seen in production environments. These will be created with specialised partners to eventually develop an industry for-all package to be easily deployed by end-users across a variety of applications.


Overall, it’s important to remember that IoT is not complex, and we can begin by connecting devices to the cloud, which is a cost-effective process with Advantech’s co-creation business model. On top of this, using several suppliers means using several technologies and offerings, while Advantech has everything under one umbrella, reducing implementation and initiation time and cutting costs.

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